Business Case Video
PQM Systems

PQM Systems wanted to create a video showcasing their customer Hot Screen utilize PQM Systems in their business.

PQM Systems offers training and workshop programs for leaders in companies, as well as a unique tool that can be accessed directly from a smartphone to help with leadership development.

Studio Skoog created a three minute video that would effectively showcase Hot Screen and their use of PQM Systems. The video includes an interview with the CEO of Hot Screen, as well as clips showing the inner workings of their company and how PQM Systems is integrated into their daily operations.

To ensure a high quality and professional product, we utilized a multicamera setup with 4K resolution. The result is an valuable resource for PQM Systems in sharing information about their product and how it is being used by Hot Screen.

Johannes Skoog is the founder of Studio Skoog. With over 10 years of experience working in the media industry, Johannes has developed a keen eye for creating engaging content.

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