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Vild med Dans

Studio Skoog was recently tasked with giving the Danish version of “Dancing with the Stars” a complete brand makeover. This included designing a fresh new logo for the popular TV show.

The design process began with the creation of a circle grid system, which served as the foundation for the new logo. Each letter was carefully crafted using this grid, resulting in a sleek and modern look. The four letters also spell out the most important word in the show’s name – “Dans.” The A and N letters are mirrored, adding symmetry to the center of the logo and symbolizing the partnership between the dancing pairs.

The circle theme was also incorporated into the physical studio design, including a custom lighting rig on either side of the screen. Studio Skoog also designed new overlay graphics, such as scoreboards and lowerthirds, to complete the visual identity.

“Dancing with the Stars Denmark” remains one of the top primetime TV shows in the country, now with a brand new look to match its enduring popularity.

Johannes Skoog is the founder of Studio Skoog. With over 10 years of experience working in the media industry, Johannes has developed a keen eye for creating engaging content.

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